About the Film
The Price for Paradise is designed to enlighten Americans about the plight of Iraqi citizens and their daily struggle to survive. It follows personal experiences of individuals and families and reveals candid views about the war in their homeland. Despite fearing for their lives, these refugees wanted to tell their stories and had powerful messages to tell Americans. They talk about their plight, their daily struggle to survive and they offer their hopes and dreams for their families and their countries future.

The Price for Paradise portrays Iraqis as proud and dignified people who are trying to survive and rebuild their lives under horrific circumstances. The intent of the film is to enlighten Americans about the plight of ordinary Iraqi citizens. This is information that we do not get see by watching the evening news. The hope is that the program can serve to build a greater understanding between Americans and Iraqis and even perhaps begin to effect positive change. What is happening in this part of the world affects each of us and we need to make it our business to be informed for Iraq, for the Middle East, for America and for the world in which we all live.