Film Credits
Associate Producers
Thomas Barclay Tom Barclay was an expatriate in Amman, Jordan for two years. His job was the Director of Quality Assurance for a support services contractor at the Jordan International Police Training Center (JIPTC). It was through his support and influence that Mr. Kramer was able to gain base access to film the training and graduation of Iraqi Police Cadets (JIPTC Class #35). He and Mr. Kramer worked together on a film on scuba diving in Roatan, Honduras. They have been best friends for almost thirty-five years.

Hashem Mashala

Hashem Mashala is a native of Jordan who lived in Detroit, Michigan and worked at a radio station for the Arab-American community called The Voice of Jordan. He was also a News Director and Program Director for a television show called "With People." He currently produces local films in Jordan on tourism. He met Jeffrey Kramer during the filming of the documentary and helped to expand the scope of the film by finding Iraqi refugees, professional athletes and coaches. He served as a guide and an interpreter and he introduced Mr. Kramer to some of the most beautiful sites the country had to offer.

Rick Akkad

Rick Akkad is a former NBC Systems Analyst and is currently an independent affiliate for VM Direct a virtual media company located in Henderson, Nevada. Rick is originally from Syria and speaks fluent English and Arabic. He recently met Mr. Kramer during a trip to the National Association of Broadcasters annual meeting and helped him translate the interviews with Iraqi refugees and expatriates.

Script Writer
Jerry Clark

Jerry Clark is a 30-year media veteran with an extensive background in radio, television, cable and advertising. His writing and production credits include a fifteen year tenure as Washington, DC area Producer of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon for which Mr. Clark wrote and produced scores of motivational vignettes to help benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He has scripted award-winning documentary narration scripts as well as regional and national advertisements. He and Mr. Kramer have a 10-year history of co-writing corporate and broadcast video projects. He assisted Mr. Kramer in writing the narration for the film.

Ayman Eldarwish

Ayman Eldarwish has contributed to programs of international cooperation on anti-terrorism training & law enforcement, national & international politics, cultural & civil society, judicial training and constitution-writing. He has served in the field of Arabic/English interpreting & translations since 1973, providing consulting services for the US private and public sectors, especially the US Department of State, since 1994. He has also participated in the translation and the production of a number of documentary movies and international TV programming on the Middle East and Iraq. Ayman was instrumental in helping to re-write the script, narration and modify the translations for The Price for Paradise.

Production Coordinator
Lynn Keen

Lynn Keen, is a professional singer and a graphics and web designer for Keen Web Media and Entertainment (KWME). She specializes in taking abstract ideas and building visual forums on media platforms. She and Mr. Kramer have a six-year history of developing web sites for video programs and internet streaming. Ms, Keen has been instrumental in developing the web sites and logistics to promote The Price for Paradise.

Matt Benda

Matt Benda is a post-production wizard and a mentor to Mr. Kramer on Final Cut Pro and other Apple applications. He has over 10 years experience working in the video post-production industry as a technical director, editor, and Director of Photography. He provided all of the HD editing including the graphics, title treatment, color correction, video compression, and DVD compositions for the film.